Thursday, May 18, 2006


Celebrity Jihad to Brit: We've been there.

Hey Brit,
I see from your expression you're a little over it all, and believe me I hear that. Having a baby takes a lot out of you. I know I haven't gotten my hair colored in months. And sometimes I too forget to remove the choke chain my man makes me wear around the house, but you know what I always manage to do despite not having a nanny and millions of dollars, I always manage to leave the house in a bra. Now, your nipple pointing straight down leads me to believe this might not be the first time you walked out the door without your boulder-holder, but please girl, hoist those puppies up. Right now their drawing too much attention to the dirty pantcuffs you refuse to have hemmed.

Take good care,
Your Fellow Mommy of an Eight-Month Old

What? Where is June? Where are you, brilliant writinglady?

- badgermama
I heard that the reason B's career has dive bombed was due to HDTV. SHe looks too f'ed up in the super high vision of the future....

Conspiracy theories are so fun. I mean, it can't have anything to due with her total lack of talent. It has to be HDTV.
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