Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Wal*Mart Enlists the Help of Bloggers to Get Out Their Message

The New York Times is reporting that Wal*Mart is emailing bloggers pro-Wal*Mart news to include in their blogs. We here at Celebrity Jihad would like to be enlisted too. The Celebrity Jihad team believe minimum wage is a king's ransome, and that your checkers and greeters don't even deserve that. Fuck the liberal government for that shitty policy, it just hurts our favorite big corporate businesses. We'd also like to come out in favor of no health insurance for any employee. We think if someone gets sick, just fire their lazy asses and get some other low-skill worker to take their place. Frankly Wal*Mart are our heros for moving into lower-class communities, running small business out of the area, hiring everyone who used to work at the indie businesses, and never training them in a skill beyond the menial task they've been hired to do. We think it's great when whole communities become so poor they can't even afford the clothes on sale at Wal*Mart's fine establishments. We love cheap shit made in China. We also love bathing in the blood of eight-year old Chinese girls. We share that in common with Wal*Mart too.
Okay Wal*Mart bitches, that post was free, each post from here on out will cost you.

The Jihad

So, Wal*Mart = bad????

Totally kidding. I hate those self-righteous fuck-with-the-poor-and-the-communities-where-they-live underhanded laughing-all-the-way-to-the-bank asshats.

If I write *anything* on my blog about Wal*Mart, it's going to be something like that.
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