Monday, March 06, 2006


South Dakota Bans Abortion

Today Gov. Mike Rounds of South Dakota banned all abortions. Mr. Rounds said in a press conference, "Hear ye, hear ye. I dost ban abortions. I dost also ban the fairer sex driving horse and carriages. I hereby declare every Monday Lobodomy Day for all fair maidens. Ye olde chastity belts for all!"
Mr. Rounds was seen later in the day masturbating to One Night in Paris nodding as President Bush bombed a few more actual living and breathing Iraqi children. When Mr. Rounds demanded his food and ale from his barwench, he was disappointed to find that every last woman had left the state.

what is going on?

I can't beleive it. I mean, I guess I knew it was in the making... but still
This is what happens when women under 30 don't vote. And they don't vote, A LOT. Get off your asses, girls, and get to the polls when it counts!!!
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