Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Alyssa Milano to Nicole Richie: Back your shit up

Alyssa Milano surprised Oscar party guests by 1) showing up to a celebrity event where there were actual celebrities, and not former Tony Danza sperm containers who like to pretend they are celebrities and 2) telling Nicole Richie, "say my name, bitch." When Nicole refused, Ms. Milano wrestled her to the ground while grunting, "Who's the boss now, bitch, who's the boss now."

I miss NR when she wasn't skeletor. Its weird how she hates Paris but tried so hard to look just like her...
I agree with Heidi... she used to be so damn cute and now she's so freaking scarey.

And Alyssa, IMO is always hot... I'm glad she wrestled Skeletor, although I am sure it wasn't much of a fight....

I mean how many times is she gonna do this?
Where are you!? Are you alright??? We miss you!
So I'm looking at NR's profile and, I swear, the widest part of that profile is from tip of nose to back of hair...it's got at least three inches on the small-of-back to navel piercing. Easily.
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