Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Supreme Court Opens With Abortion Case

The Supreme Court began hearing its first case of the season--shockingly it has to do with abortion. The high court is once again trying to ban late-term abortions. The ban was voted down before because it lacked a provision for the health of the mother. In today's case, there is no exemption from the ban for the health of the mother. Alito began the hearings holding up a rusty hanger and saying, "This is good enough for those bitches. And nowadays the young girls are back to knitting. Women have plenty of choice. Gawd!" He then slapped his forehead and rolled his eyes. Later the session was called into recess when a huge cake was rolled into chambers and a busty blonde jumped out. The cake read, "Welcome, Sammy-boy! Down with women! And Blacks! And the Poor! And Liberals! And Homos!" There was more, but the caterer had run out of room.

Wait till Alito gets his hands on Josef K.!

Why was Ann Coulter given control of U.S. port security?
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