Monday, February 20, 2006


RadioShack CEO Shit-Canned

Today in a shocking move, RadioShack canned its longtime CEO, David Edmonson. RadioShack released a statement today: "We at RadioShack are totally bummed to have given Edmonson the boot, but someone just told us yesterday that it was actually 2006, not 1986. Apparently Edmonson kept changing our calendar. He kept telling us that gray carpets, casio keyboards and Speak and Spells were still the hottest gagets around. And he said the robot maid is all the rage with the young folk. Turns out after a bit of research, our stores are all in half-rate falling down strip-malls, and guys with zits, pocket protectors and B.O. are no longer the bleeding edge, sales closers we once thought. And there are these new-fangled gagets called I-Pods, and cellular telephones that beat the pants off cassette walkmans and cans with string tied to the bottoms. We had no choice but to fire him. And to open some more Hot Dogs On A Stick."

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