Tuesday, February 28, 2006


NIcole Richie: I have better shoes than Paris

As filming began on Simple Life season 1009, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton began their own sort of socialite olympics. The girls engaged in a Blow-A-Thon where Ms. Richie snorted 80 grams of coke in one sitting, Ms. Hilton misunderstood the parameters of the competition and found herself on all fours in front of a line of American Idol wanna-bes. Later the two sat for three full days in front of a bowl of chocolate mousse, arms crossed, waiting for the other to take a bite. Ms. Richie won the competition in the final round, by opening a shoe box and revealing perhaps the cutest shoes to grace an anorexic's feet. She then ran across the street shouting, "I won! I won!" before passing out in a hyplogycemic coma.

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