Saturday, February 04, 2006


Bush: You Blinded Me With Science

Today President Bush visited a Dallas school as part of his "Science is For Smart Kids and Minorities" campaign. He was instructed on looking through a microscope by a well vetted high school senior. Bush said, "I can totally see where God put his little God signature on this piece of chimpanze DNA. It looks a little like the windows of all Mercedes--how they have that German guys signature. It's so cool to watch creationism in action." He then turned to the press and said, "See? Using the bible as a textbook for science class is totally pushing our kids ahead of those damn Chinese, Indians and Canadians."

May God grant him the strength to see through all the smoke screens that Darwinism throws in his path. All them big brained scientist don't know diddley squat compared to our president. I mean he speaks to God...that's THE God not some pretend Islam thing that was just made up.

Everyone knows it Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve and there weren't monkeys involved in the first fornications either.
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