Saturday, February 25, 2006


Bush: Mission Accomplished--I said it, I meant it.

President Bush released a press statement today in response to the escalating violence in Iraq.
Bush wrote: You know a few years ago I said the war with Iraq was over. And you know what? I was so right. Because by 'the war in Iraq is over' what I meant was, 'civil war for everyone!' I just hope this means what Papa Cheney told me it would mean--more builidings for Haliburton to rebuild and more thirteen year old Iraqi boys to give me pedicures and facials. As for the Americans who have died. Well...I just think hooray democracy! I mean heaven's a democracy, right? And those guys are totally there. Oh, and I think South Dakota kicks major ass for banning all abortions. Go democracy! Woot!
XO, Georgie Porgie Walker Bushie Boy, SWAK, XXXXOOOOO!!!!!

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