Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Alberto Gonzalez Uses President Washington as a Justification for Spying on American Citizens

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez appeared yesterday in front of a special Senate judiciary committee to justify the use of wiretapping of American citizens. He sited the precedent of former President Washington as an example of Presidential power and domestic spying. Mr. Gonzalez said, "It's totally like when George Washington held a glass up against the wall of the Oval Office when those damn Brits had agreed to a potential road map to peace to end the Civil War. Althought Mr. Washington couldn't understand their funny accents, he knew they were going to invade Grenada. And that they were terrorists. So he shot an apple off his son's head, thus ending the Revolutionary War." Mr. Gonalez then pressed a finger into one ear and spoke into the gigantic ring on his right hand. He was seen later listening and nodding to the ring.

To that I present you this

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