Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Trent Lott Seeks Fourth Term--Must Rebuild Beachside House

Trent Lott announced today that he would seek a fourth sentate term. In his press conference Lott said, "I've chosen Mississippi and America once again. We must rebuild after Katrina. We must rebuild my six bedroom colonial that crappy storm tore down. And I will hire nothing but poor minorities to do the backbreaking work to lift my mansion back to its former glory. Minimum wage for all!"
When asked by reporters if he was concerned at all about the upcoming indictments related to the Jack Abramoff scandal, Lott straightened his tie, rubbed his left thumb across his nose, patted his right elbow and responded with an engimatic, "Abramoff who?"
In a nonrelated story, while on the phone with Mr. Abramoff from his jail cell, Mrs. Abramoff reported her husband being called Lucky McLeftnut by fellow inmates.

I was really worried about all the damage his house had suffered. I mean where are all the minorities going to work there aren't any other plantations around for miles!
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