Thursday, January 26, 2006


President Bush: I'm Amerikkka's Most Wanted

Today Bush announced that no law was necessary to allow him to spy on American citizens. He said in a press conference, "My concern has always been that in an attempt to try to pass a law on something that's already legal, we'll show the enemy what we're doing." He went on to say, "I've been in legal council with my main man Fiddy Cent, and he told me that not only am I a P-I-M-P but that I'm the motherfucking President and that I set the motherfucking precedent. I'm like Ice Cube. I'm like James Frey. I'm an outlaw, baby. I ain't need no approval for my shit." He then threw air punches at the cameras. He had brass knuckles on the left hand encrusted with diamonds that read THUG and on the right LIFE. He ended the press conference by crossing his arms and shouting "yeah boy."

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