Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Oprah Chooses Bukowski's Entire Oeuvre for Book Club

After former bookclub author James Frey turned out to be a big liar, Oprah Winfrey chose Charles Bukowski as her newest book club author. Winfrey explained her decision on her blog this afternoon:
Well, I've made some mistakes with my bookclub. There was that first SNAFU with that little prick Jonathan Franzen. And then it turned out Wally Lamb really was a guy. A very effeminate guy, but a guy none the less. And now James Frey isn't the hardened street punk his memoirs promises.
I know middle class white women relate to drug addicts and criminals. My audience wants to escape their perfectly vacuumed carpets and two-car garages and travel to a world of whores and crack. And I need an author who won't care if I put my name on his book. Charles Bukowski is dead and won't mind a harmless little Oprah sticker on his book, and he's got major street cred, so he was the logical choice. I know middle America will love his womanizing and have an Ah! moment each time the narrator experiences the D.T.'s.
Enjoy this month's pick,

Holy shit, this blog is brilliant! I love every post!
You are funny as hell but


Don't crack on Oprah. I believe we need her.
we need her to do what? iron my shirt?

this is a very funny post. bukowski has written some very good things. and if O really cared about literature it would be a no-brainer.

sadly politics is involved in everything.
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