Sunday, January 22, 2006


Jennifer Aniston Blogs from Sundance

Today on her myspace profile, Jennifer Aniston blogged from Sundance.

Hey Girlz!

It's me Jenny from the block comin' atcha from the snowy city! That's right, I'm in Utah! With Robert Redford! He was the Brad Pitt of his generation! But he didn't get some slutty bitch ho-face knocked up so he's like the better Brad Pitt of his generation! Here's a pic of me with my new BFF's! Turns out that it's true that hanging out with a bunch of ugly girls make you look prettier! Anyhoo these girls are my best pals and they star with me in my new movie--Friends The Movie. Or Friends Part Two. Or Friends The Two Hour Special. Or whatever the hell it's called. But they're seriously my best gal pals! I love them! Anyhoo, I gotta jet soon! I'm going skiing! With my Cambodian orphan that I've adopted just to wax my skis! Ha-Ha! LOL! I'd never let a brown person touch my skis--except Ross from Friends! No, I'm going to go skiing because I'm not knocked up and I can! I'm also going to dye my hair and drink a Margarita! And then I'm going to make some snow angels with Vince and then laugh really hard when he makes yellow snow! Have fun in whatever crap hole place you're reading this from! Peace!

Longer Letter Later,
See you next year,

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