Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Janet Jackson Celebrity Intervention

Janet, I saw you in concert once. It was that tour where you picked a guy from the audience and strapped him into a contraption you found at Tommy Lee and Pamela's garage sale. You then dry humped that guy. I saw that concert with my exhusband and we were seriously on our way to divorce. That concert...that moment with the guy in the Tommy Lee contraption and you dry humping him gave me hope for humanity. It gave me hope for my marriage. I believed I lived in a better world. Then we reelected George Bush, and my husband started screwing the neighbor. Janet, perhaps if you return to your former glory, we will unelected President Bush. I'd still be divorced because I'm better off, but maybe I will have never been married in the first place. Please Janet, give it a try. I want you to be Miss Nasty again. Do it for the children.

I think she is happier now, probably eating more than half a bowl of raw vegetables a day and doing more than just sit ups.
OMG writinglady... who ARE you?

These are so funny!

- badgerbag
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