Monday, January 23, 2006


James Frey Comes Under More Scrutiny

Amid disputes from addiction therapists today over James Frey's memoir, A Million Little Pieces, junkies themselves have come out to discredit even more of Frey's 'memoir.' The junkies gathered on the corners of major metropolitan cities trading in their "Anything helps, even a smile" cardboard signs for new slogans. Among them, "James Frey--You can suck my glass dick" and "Hey Oprah, I sold my daugher into white slavery for one last hit, now put your sticker on my book and make me rich."
Thomas Jones Esq., head of the newly formed 'James Frey never cut baking soda with bleach just for a bump' club held an interview from a cardboard box in front of an abandoned business. In his interview he said, "I really regret Mr. Frey's dissembling of his life. The experiences of a junky are at once compelling and convoluted. Junkies wake each day with the hope that your world will finally accept ours. It is extremely disappointing that a memoir we in the junky community were celebrating, turns out to be nothing but lies."
Mr. Frey has so far refused to comment. Oprah, however is touring the affected junky areas trying to find the right combination of whore, incest survivor and personal finance guru to feature in an Oxygen network movie. Yesterday she believed she had found that person, only to discover it was JT LeRoy. Her search continues.

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