Monday, January 16, 2006


Governor Schwarzenegger Celebrates Martin Luther King Day By Not Killing a Black Person

Today Governor Schwarzenegger denied clemency to 76 year-old death row inmate Clarence Ray Allen who is set to be executed early Tuesday morning.
Schwarzenegger said in a press conference today, "Well, if Mr. Allen were black, I think I would have spared his life, just for today. I don't want Doctor King looking down on me from heaven and telling God that I killed a black man on Doctor King's birthday. But because Allen is white, I figured, what the heck! You know, there are so many black guys on death row, it was just the luck of the draw that tomorrow's execution features a white guy. It's too bad Tookie's big day didn't come a little later."
In a cruel twist of fate, Allen, who is legally blind and confined to a wheelchair, was ressustated after his heart stopped in September.

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