Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Governor Schwarzenegger Admits "Motorcycle Accident" was a Hoax

Today Arnold Schwarzenegger held a press conference announcing he had lied about a cut and stitches to he upper lip.
"I admeet. I am a li-ar. I did not get thees cut from a motorcycle. I am actually a gurlee-man."
Schwarzenegger admitted that his injuries were the result of a fight with a man named Miguel.
"He said I should fuck myself for my racist immigration policy. I told Miguel I had one question. My question to Miguel was, why don't blacks and Mexicans get married? He did not like my question and he punched me."
Later in the day, President Bush came out in support of Governor Schwarzenegger's admission.
Bush said, "While I try to limit my racism to A-rabs, I can see the Governor's point. Blacks and Mexicans cannot get married because, it's true, their kids will be too lazy to steal."

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