Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Eva Longoria Elevates Feminist Discourse

In an interview with MS. Magazine Eva Longoria addressed the adversity facing today's women.
Longoria: "I went to my waxer and said, 'Marco, I feel there is an undoing of women's rights and there are not enough people concerned about women's reproductive freedom, equal pay for equal work or the underfunded medical research in women's medicine. We must start taking a stand for our daughters' generation. Our sons need to grow up in a culture where women are valued. I feel such frustration, such helplessness because of what I see as the lack of interest in world issues in today's young. Starting right now, I am taking a stand. Marco, pour hot wax on my labia and rip every last hair out. Take that religious right!"
Later in the interview Lorgoria reported that her Brazilian wax not only affirms her membership in third wave feminisim, but also leads to a great orgasm.

You know I agree she should really stand up for feminism. Besides I really enjoy looking at her ass.
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