Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Canada French for Copycat

In a geopolitical game of 'Monkey See Monkey Do' Canada elected a conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper today. Jacques Telling, Head of the House of Commons said, "We saw how after George Bush became president America's economy tanked, environmental concerns took a backseat to corporate greed, untold billions of dollars and thousands of American lives were spent on an unjustifyable war, civil liberties were eroded and Canadians said, 'hey, I want that for myself.'"
In an interesting parallel to US elections, polls showed the liberal Prime Minister candidate winning until late in the night. At approximately 3 am, hundreds of white trucks with the US presidential seal were seen crossing the border. The trucks held abacusses with severed baby hands tied to them and notes about pollworkers families and 'hanging chads.'
President Bush said today about the Canadian elections, "You're my bitch now, Harper." He then grabbed his crotch and thrust it at the cameras.

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