Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Britney Spears Turning Into a Man, Baby

According to Tranniesrus.com, the international website for the transexual community, Britney Spears has been chosen as this year's "Miss Trannie America."
According to Lola Von Doll, President and webmaster of Tranniesrus.com, "You can always tell a MTF by the forehead and the hands. Well, in recent pictures, Brit's hands have been in fists, but you can't miss that forhead and nose. That she's a he! She's done such an amazing job of hiding it. We're just proud we can count her in. I think next year we'll be adding Nicolette Sheridan to our growing list."
Miss Spears was nominated by a showing of several snaps in a circle.

Several snaps in a circle!! You're freakin' killing me!
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