Thursday, January 26, 2006


Benicio Del Toro: I Want My Face On T-Shirts

Today Benicio Del Toro held a press conference to discuss his new fashion statement. The actor said, "No one pays any attention to me anymore. I mean, I'm just as good as Antonio Banderas. And I have a way better accent. So yesterday I was like, how come no one loves me anymore? How come no one waits outside my house to take pictures of me? And I realized it was because I didn't have any funny t-shirts of my face. No Team Del Toro! No Random Latin Actors Do It Better! So I saw this guy's picture on a bunch of shirts and thought he looked a little like me. So I grew a beard! And now everyone wants a piece of this!"
He then raised his fist and said "Aye Caramba!"

Yes! Looks like he's had work done on his eyes...or maybe I'm just out of the loop.
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