Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Angelina Jolie is Pregnant

And in other news Jennifer Aniston hangs herself.
Today Jolie commented on Jennifer Aniston's dramatic step.
Jolie: As a UN goodwill ambassador I am bound by an oath to the world to do everything in my power to eliminate hunger and strife in the world. Miss Aniston's hanging satisfies my charter. She was both starving herself resulting in a deep hunger and her movies are simply painful to watch. I believe the world is a better place now. And in a few short months I will give birth to the most beautiful baby known to human kind.
Aniston's publicist reported that Aniston's last words were, "dear God, why? Why?"

My sis works for a [matronly] clothing company who hired [a pre-pregnant] AJ to be their new spokesmodel, to liven up their image, I guess. This may be more lively than they planned.
It appears anyone can have a baby these days.
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